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Jeremy Clarkson Fired from BBC After Assault on his Producer

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I'm really surprised nobody here is talking about this, but anyways, as you all know, Clarkson was fired today after being suspended for three weeks. For those of you that don't know the context, Jeremy Clarkson verbally and physically assaulted his producer on March 10th after the food from the catering was too cold. His producer was hospitalized, and he was suspended from Top Gear for two weeks, thus cancelling all new episodes of Top Gear Season 22. The fate of Top Gear is unknown, but James May and Richard Hammond, the co-hosts of the show, refuse to do the show without him even though their contracts are being renewed at the end of March. There are rumors that May and Hammond are also leaving now that James May changed his Twitter profile to "Used to be a co-host for Top Gear"

My personal opinion is that he deserved to be fired after that, but it's sad considering Top Gear is probably not going to carry on, and if it does, it won't be as humorous as when Clarkson was on.

In my opinion, they had to fire the producer.
The 90.000.000 that Top Gear generates for the BBC every year
is made possible by Jeremy and co.

The producer only costs money every year and is easy to replace.

Yes Producer = No Jeremy = No TG = No 90.000.000
No Producer = Yes Jeremy = Yes TG = Yes 90.000.000

Conclusion, the BBC is stupid.

Nope, won't agree with you Joey. Even if you're Clarkson you have to behave yourself..
Of course nobody knows what really happened and why but I'm pretty sure BBC had a really good thinking about the decision.

I understand that he's fired, he should've behaved like a normal person should. I really like the Clarkson on TV but I do believe people when they say that he's really different without a camera at his face.

May and Hammond will follow Clarkson where he goes. The three of them will continue to talk about cars just in another format or something like that..

I also think he will be another person without camera's, I don't think he is an easy person to hang around with.
But when he is the host of one your best shows, you have to think twice.

But hopefully a show on Netflix :p

Just so you all know, if all three of them leave, they won't be allowed to use "The Stig" anymore as that's property of the BBC.


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