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Hey Guys,

The perfect topic to discuss everything about Autogespot in English.
How can we make the English part of the forum more active, any ideas?


more sections could be good, where to carry all started spot related topics(like what i have done, what i like in NL speaking section that there is started many threads, like visiting showrooms, saw in city and so one. Then i belive it is more readers also here :)

Exactly! We just have to make some standard topics where you can place dealerspots, not 'spotwaardige' spots, complaints etc.

But other small things can be posted here, it's not always neccesary to start a new topic for just one post!

By the way, I have to say we have great matching avatars! haha

I am agree with you :) I have around 5000 car pictures, i have made more, but i upload ony best of them what has worked out. Total i have made during my work - yes i am a photographer - all life from 1999 more than 80000 pictures:D One PC died because of it and current one not good either anymore.

Yes Minions are fun creatures.


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