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Spotted but not on Autogespot

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This here i meaned for showing one or more pictures, was it spot worth or no, or dosent suit to AG frontpage, but you still want to show it, then do it here :)

i start with this Cayenne GTS. It had standed there more than 2 months. No nrplates, only export nr from Germany behind glass.

Also i like new RR much.
Here is new RR,  behind it is Estonia first S500(no amg yet :( ) and front of it is well knowed GL63 what estonia spotters has photographed much :)

Great ^O^ Let's make this an active topic!

I adjusted the title so it's the same as the Dutch topic which makes it easier to find for everybody!
I also made a slowchat, just for talking about everything you want to!

Good headline :)

My first experience with France cars was with Citroen almost liek that. I dont know how Klassik it is, but damn it is fun car :D We had a camp in Valkenswaard many years ago and one of NL group lider had a car like that. True lowlifer :D

And i have no idea what the hell is this :D

My neighbors owned such a Citroen for years, cool car!

Last photo is not working :(

what about now?

I am personally huge Audi Fanatic and in Germany i had possibility to spot a car like that:

I havent posted up in AG because that is only picture what i have of it.


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